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Create your BluSheet customer portal and select which pricing package is best for your business. When setting up your profile, you can define how many records you need our cleanup team to optimize based on your budget.  94% of our users continue to use our platform as their business grows to keep their books compliant and scalable. It’s cheaper to have organized books.

Sync your books

Connect your online accounting software or upload an Excel Spreadsheet with your data. BluSheet uses Symantec EV SSL Security to ensure when data is being imported, all traces are deleted once the file has been copied to your portfolio. This process will only import the data needed to deliver your project request. Once your data has been fully imported, you will receive alerts along the way.

Pick your tasks

Select the records, modules, and reports you want to be organized and your project is assigned to a digital bookkeeper to begin optimizing your data. Your specialist will reach out to you 1st to verify your request before beginning. This service is a manually organized by a trained professional, not a scripted robot or an algorithm. Data is organized based on your business goals and industry.

Not a software. Real service by real people.

BluSheet is just better.

Clean Data = Clear Insights

BluSheet is simple, just pick what tasks you need to get done and a professional consultant will work with you to optimize your data.

No one can see your data but you and the team you authorize. We require e-signatures for every service agreement

After adding your tasks your assigned specialist will analyze your data and begin optimizing. This is a manual process and is delivered in blocks of 500.

Your accountant specialist is your accountant specialist. You can build a close and valued relationship with our team over the years, to ensure the growth of your goals.

BluSheet is designed to assist in the tasks that take hours and has no revenue gains. BluSheet does not boost revenue or assist in revenue building strategies.

Your financial records are safe with us. Your profile is connected to our secure portal, security by Symantec EV SSL. Every 30 days, your profile is dumped for security purposes.

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Cleaning your books can take hours and sometimes the wrong data is deleted or modified.

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